¡Bienvenido a la clase de español- grado ocho!

If you lost your "I can" statement sheet, here it is:

Board game assignment:

Letter to Juan Carlos:

New vocabulary that A day missed:

Review for test January 15th
Nathan Melnik **nathanm.melnik@cms.k12.nc.us** Room 560
To be successful in Spanish:

The Chicago Cubs:

*If you would like a text-message reminder for homework, please follow the instructions below*
A day students: text @melnik to (469) 275-4041
B day students: text to @melnik1 (469) 275-4041

Please be advised that homework will be on the google calendar for students to check in the event they are not at school. Other make-up work will be given to the student upon their return to school unless prior arrangements are made with Señor Melnik.

If you are interested in helping with supplies for the entire class, please see my Wishlist.

The syllabus for 8th grade can be found by clicking this link.



All kinds of quizzes and silly spanish games
Study Guides
8th Grade Review Sheet for EOG.doc
8th Grade_All I can statements.docx
Clothing with pronunciation
Clothing vocabulary
Afro-Latino Powerpoint Assignment
Afro latino acivity.doc
Powerpoint-Afro Latino
Interactive game with prepositions
Help and fun practice via youtube for prepositions
Midterm Review
8th Grade Review Sheet for midterm.docx
Quiz documents for correcting.
Your signature on the back let's me know you only used your notes.
8th Grade A day: 8A questions for quiz.docx
8th Grade B day:8th Grade- B Quiz from game boards.docx
Examples of flyers/invitations
invitations or flyers for a party.pptx
Biographies of Pete Seeger and Jose Marti

Lyrics to Guantanamera

Pete Seeger et al "Guantanamera"

Rubric for game board
José Martí: Cultivo una rosa blanca
Letra (lyrics )José Martí.docx

If you are having trouble with go verbs,
please check out the following links:
Parts of the body powerp
Partes del cuerpo.pptx
Sites for practice- just search for
what we are working on.
quia.com, quizlet.com
Go verb practice
Shock Video- Ana Tijoux
If you want to see the video
we watched in class,
click this link

Letra: Shock. (Lyrics)
Shock- Ana Tijoux- Letra.docx
Rubric for Twiducate/Storybird
Rubric for twidicuate and or storybird.doc
Project Overview:
Using Twiducate/Storybird
8th Grade Assignment for Computer Lab.docx
Rubric for writing
PALS Level 1 Writing Tasks Analytic Rubric.pdf
Rubric for speaking
Level 1 PALS analytic speaking rubric.pdf

Gran Combo

Overview of Unit 3 Level-I-Unit-3-Final06222011.doc

Overview of Unit 4Level_I_Unit_4_Final_June_23_2011.doc

Remember to bring your pictures to class tomorrow (9/21 and 9/22)
PowerPoint Project and Rubric: Rubric for family powerpoint.xlsxMi persona favorita.docx

Helpful LinksTo watch the video about family click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyRoeSpanishCorner#p/c/0/rf--o5cT8S0

accent marks.doc

Quia games:
  1. http://www.quia.com/ba/34706.html
  2. http://www.quia.com/cb/108373.html
  3. http://www.quia.com/jq/19645.html