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    Multimedia Project : Daily Routine Video Project

    Teacher Name: Mr. Melnik

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

Covers topic in-depth with details and examples. All or all but one to two routines are covered.
Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good. Most routines covered (three missing)
Includes essential information about the topic but there are 1-2 factual errors. Many routines missing
Content is minimal OR there are several factual errors. Only a few routines are shown.
Product shows a large amount of original thought. Ideas are creative and inventive.
Product shows some original thought. Work shows new ideas and insights.
Uses other people's ideas (giving them credit), but there is little evidence of original thinking.
Uses other people's ideas, but does not give them credit.
No misspellings or grammatical errors.
Three or fewer misspellings and/or mechanical errors.
Four misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
More than 4 errors in spelling or grammar.
All requirements are met and exceeded.
All requirements are met.
One requirement was not completely met.
More than one requirement was not completely met.
Use of time
Students remained on task throughout. No group members were deviating from the task.
Students were mostly on task but had to be asked a couple times to get back on track.
Focus was hit or miss. The project was completed but only after multiple attempts from the teacher to redirect.
On-task behavior was rarely seen. If a project was completed it was poor at best.
Rough Draft
Rough draft (of the script used in your presentation) brought on due date. Student shares with peer and extensively edits based on peer feedback.
Rough draft (of the script used in your presentation) brought on due date. Student shares with peer and peer makes edits.
Rough draft ( of of the script used in your presentation) Provides feedback and/or edits for peer, but own rough draft was not ready for editing.
Rough draft not ready for editing and did not participate in reviewing draft of peer.

Date Created: February 26, 2014

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